Naked King

No.1 Strategy Game in North America!

2018 The Latest Version

Naked King: Episode 1

You are the Commander of the Legion.
Command your troops to attack the Orc’s Kingdom.
Destroy enemy towers with up to 25 characters such as the Warrior, Archer, Mortar Man, Mage, and more.
Ready your best troops to overpower your enemies.
Learn various magic spells to set ablaze and freeze your enemies.
Summon totems to enchant your enemies with fear or transform them into sheep.
Design your unique strategies with numerous combinations of magic, totems, potions, and troops.


Assemble your forces with up to 25 characters such as the Warrior, Archer, Mage, Landmine, Priest, and more.
Obtain Treasure Chests by destroying enemy towers.
Open Treasure Chests to obtain rewards and learn new character’s skills or magic spells.
Upgrade your Castle to strengthen your defense.
Evolve your character and learn various skills such as Heal, Shockwave, and more.
The battle against powerful Epic Bosses such as the Ice Warrior, Infernal, and more.
Experience extraordinary battles in Naked King, designed with beautiful graphics and newly designed systems.

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