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Publishing made Easy

Here is the pipeline to publish your game to our market. With our Software Integration Doc, preparing your game for publishing is just a piece of cake!

process-svg We evaluate the game Software integrations Keep updating! User acquisition - live operation Marketing plans - analytics - localization CONTRACT Negotiation You submit your game We contact you

Our head Team

If you have something to say, here are some of our team members to contact.

Services to developers

Following, is the list of services we provide for your game.


With more than 23M gamers on Cafe Bazaar (Iran's local Android store), by promoting your game to man pages of Cafe Bazaar, we can motivate millions of players to engage in your game.


Success of a game in a local market, highly depends on how much you fit your product for the local users. What we offer is the market knwoledge based solutions and translations.

Develop Help

As well as a publisher, Abr Studio is also a game developer. We will be there for you to help fix the local dev-side problems that occur. We can also dedicate local servers to your game.


A game can't make money if no one is there to buy what it offers! We spend a lot of resource on marketing to make sure the game has the needed user base for its monetization model.

Community Management

We try to have the best communication with our users. We prefectly know the most effective communication channels and social media to have connection with our users in order to observe and lead them.


We know the value of a 5-star rate and do our best to earn them! We provide the easiest ways for uesrs to give us feedback about the game and try to solve it ASAP to prevent unsatisfied users!

Easy Integration

With Abr Studio's visual aided publish guideline, Preparing your game for publishing is no longer a high load on dev side! It's easy to integrate and straight-forward.

Business Intelligence

Being in the gaming business for years, we know that without market intelligence, there is a slight chance for success. We use the most powerful analytic tools to achieve a wide insight of the market we participate in.

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